Fresh Breath of Air

When a person sits in a car that’s been smoked in, nicotine and other smoke pollutants covering the interior (dashboard, upholstery and dust) are released into the air and because the average American spends more than an hour a day driving in a car, exposure to pollutants covering car surfaces adds up. Moreover, total smoke pollution can linger in a car’s interior for days, weeks or even months.

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Although performing yoga deep breathing exercises for 30 minutes every day, drinking one cup of honeysuckle tea every day or taking one 500 mg rosemary capsule daily helps clean your lungs, car air purifiers and ionizers are becoming a regular gadget people are using to keep their car fresh and less hazardous from prolonged exposure to particles, pollen, dust and smoke.

While ozone generators are getting confused with small devices that deliver minimal next to no ozone to balance the effect of how negative ions operate to help eliminate odor particles, pollen, dust and smoke. The ozone found in the common car air purifier plug in car device that is less than 0.05ppm ozone concentration which is below the standard level 0.07ppm 8hr window break for common consumption is not built to fight against health (research article).

Air Purifiers are an excellent tool for eliminating indoor odors and reducing allergens. Air filter captures pollutants and expels clean air, much like a tree absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. The whole purpose of the purifier is to help breathing and fight against air pollutants, particles, odor, smoke, etc.